Do online casinos offer better odds than a physical casino? In this article, we will look at the odds these casinos have based on their RNG.

Everyone wants to have the best possible advantage when playing at any online casino. With the player’s advantage in mind, can players get a better chance of winning at online or land-based casinos?

This article will talk about the chances present in both digital and physical casinos, as well as tips on how to increase your advantage.


Authenticity is the key word when it comes to odds in land-based casino games. In any table game that uses physical dice, wheels and cards, you can expect the results to be fair because no computers control them. All RNG tools in table games are affected by various environmental factors, such as the texture of the table felt or wind speed. Thanks to environmental factors, every roll of the dice, turn of the wheel and deal of the cards creates an authentic result.

What does an authentic result mean to you? It means that the casino does not have the ability to change any player’s RTP. Not even the dealers can affect your house edge if they follow proper casino procedure. This is one of the advantages of traditional casinos.

The player edge or return-to-player (RTP) ratio is the expected statistical return you can expect when playing certain games. For example, an American roulette game that features both 0 and 00 has an RTP of 94.74%. If you bet about $100 on this table game, you can expect a return of $94.74 after a certain period of time. Because of the physical RNG tools, the RTP in American Roulette will always stick to 94.74% unless the dealer or player can influence the results.

Note that we are only talking about table games. Digital slot cabinets and other similar electronic casino games use a different system to determine results.


Real money online casinos use a complex RNG algorithm to determine the outcome of a dice roll, roulette spin and dealer hand. RNG is standard in every modern slot and video poker game, including those found in land-based casinos.

It is important to note that the RNG systems used by online casinos are not the same as the program’s “random” function, as these are predictable for some people. To achieve unpredictable results, online casinos have an RNG that uses the MD5 algorithm. This works by running a key-value or seed through a complex mathematical equation. Each seed is derived from a real-world factor, such as the system clock from which online casino games are run.

When you press the “play” button on any online casino game, the RNG system can generate a score within seconds. What you see on the screen is the visual effect of the software simulating the sounds and images of a casino table game. There are no virtual dice, wheels or cards to determine whether you win your bet.

When it comes to player advantage, software developers set the RTP of all digital games. This means that some software providers and operators can change the odds. However, this requires filing the appropriate paperwork with licensing authorities.


Based on player advantage, both online casinos and land-based casinos offer the same odds for all players. This includes the chance to win progressive jackpot prizes in online and physical casino slots. However, this statement is only true if both types of casinos are consistent with the RTP of their games. Land-based casinos have almost no influence on the RTP of their table games, as do online operators. However, casinos use rigged devices or have rogue dealers to shift the advantage to the disadvantage of players. On the other hand, unlicensed online casinos may have an unfair advantage with their rigged software.

To make sure that all casinos are honest about the RTP in their games, gambling commissions such as the UKGC and MGA regulate all their licensed operators. Licensed online casinos must have their software audited for fairness, which involves hiring an outside company to test the RNG and results generated by the games. Land-based casinos must also offer fair games of chance to their customers, using regulated, precision dice and sealed cards.

These regulations ensure that all players can enjoy fair casino games at reputable and licensed establishments or websites. With a regulated RTP, online and land-based casinos provide an equal chance of winning a big payout and a safe betting environment.


Of all the games available, blackjack is the only game with lower online casino odds than land-based casino odds. Physical blackjack tables allow players to count cards, a method of gaining an edge on the game.

Card counting in blackjack involves assigning values to specific cards and keeping a “true count.” In the HI-Lo method, cards 2 through 6 are +1, 7 through 9 are 0, and 10 through Aces are -1. Players decrease or increase the running count in their head as each of these cards comes up. Players divide the running count by the number of decks in the shoe to get the true card count. With the true card count, players can make a strategic decision about the size of the bet in the next hand. According to the Hi-Lo card count, players should make large bets when the true card count is higher and reduce their bets when the true card count is in the negative. Note that the Hi-Lo method is only one of many card counting systems.

Card counting is only possible for physical decks, making this method impossible in digital blackjack games or those that use the RNG system. However, you can still use this method in online blackjack sessions with a live dealer, since dealers use physical shoes. Players can also use a card counting app while playing with a live dealer to help them keep a true count.

Land-based casinos are aware of card counters and have ways to keep blackjack odds in balance. One of these methods is to use a 6- or 8-deck shoe when dealing cards, making it difficult for advantage players to maintain a true count. Other methods include changing the dealer or reshuffling the cards when half the shoe is used.


Here are cost-effective methods to increase your edge when playing at an online or land-based casino.


Imagine playing a new slot game and triggering a bonus feature that gives you several options, such as more free spins with a smaller bet multiplier or a higher multiplier with fewer free spins. You may also encounter a skill-based slot game that gives you more control over your chances of winning, but requires time to practice before you can achieve a high payout. Free online slots will allow you to learn which slot’s bonus feature gives you a better chance of winning.

Use basic strategies in table games

When you are unable to count cards or following a betting system usually leads to an empty wallet, using basic game strategy is always a better option. Knowing which table game option to choose in each scenario can improve your chances at the casino, such as splitting a pair of aces in blackjack, if possible. Using basic blackjack strategies and other useful tactics in different casino games can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Find games with a low House Edge

Some versions of an online casino game provide better odds than other variants. A good example is the European roulette wheel, which has only one zero square compared to the American roulette table, which has two zero squares. Because the game has fewer numbers on which the ball can land, European roulette has a small house edge.

Both real-money online casinos and land-based casinos provide the same odds of winning. Players can increase their house edge by following basic casino strategies and looking for games with the best possible RTP.

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