Enjoy Using My Kitchen Knives

Every well equipped home kitchen must have at least 4 types of cooking knives: a parer, a slicer, a chef’s knife, and a utility knife. Steel knives tend to be sturdier and they bend less than stamped steel knives, but they are also more expensive.

Not all cooking knives are made equal and more often a fashionable brand means selling poor quality knives at a high price, while it is really possible to find a best quality knife for a cheaper price with a lesser known brand. Since a cooking knife is an investment that is used daily, selecting best quality ones it is an important task. Best kitchen knives should have several important features such as strength, durability, endurance, and good handling. Read the top kitchen knives reviews which might be helpful for you.

Before purchasing knives, you have to consider the type of cooking knife you will need in your kitchen. They are available in a wide variety of brands, sizes, and shapes. Best cooking knives can meet a wide variety of needs, and what is best for you depend on your cooking habits and style. A good basic cooking knives kit for the average home kitchen would include a chef’s knife, an all purpose utility knife, a paring or vegetable knife, a bread knife, a filleting knife, a cleaver knife used for chopping herbs or for meat, a carving knife, and a sharpening steel knife honing stone.


Among the best cooking knives is the Schmidt Brothers Cutlery brand that offers the Forge 8 inches Chef Knife for around 30 dollars. This is one of the cheapest options for a chef’s knife on a tight budget. The wood handles makes it look fashionable as well, and can also be a good gift option.

In case that you are looking something in the price range between $50 and $100, then the Mac Chef Series Chef’s Knife measuring 7 ¼ inches can be a good option. It features a well balance forged blade, riveted handle made out of high quality carbon steel, and full tang.

A very durable knife under $150 is Wusthof Classic 8 inches Chef’s Knife. It is German made and features a high carbon stainless steel blade.

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