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Time to Camp Out!

So here I am, the camping fever is already building up. All the preparations have been made meticulously so far. My family and I want to make the most of this vacation. Everything is set; the food; the hiking gear, basically everything we are going to need.

Now I need to know on what my babies are going to be sleeping on. The previous picnic and camping experience we had (at that time it was only Steve, my husband, and myself) makes me cringe. We had to make do with sleeping on the tent floor and like is common knowledge with a night spent on bare floor, it doesn’t matter how beautifully the lawns are mowed or how nice and soft they have advertised gardens to be, you wake up feeling like you spent the whole night on a night-running marathon.


Then to make matters worse you wake up too early and the only thing that will save you is if the advertised ‘spectacular view of the sunrise’ is not a misplaced phrase. Come to think of it, nowadays even backyards are referred to as ‘spectacular gardens’. Am hoping against hope Steve chose a nice place. he said he would surprise us and honestly, sometimes his surprises leave a lot to be desired.

Not that am complaining, but sometimes I think men ought to have been given better judgement. Anyway, I digress. I was going to pack in our old mattresses when Baby Nathan, (God! this boy is eleven! I need to stop calling him Baby!) comes to my rescue.

“Mom,” he starts, then gets carried away on picking his nose, a habit which gets under my skin like nothing else ever has! At some point am tempted to ask Steve if he did that because am so sure this, he did not pick from me! “I came across a good camping air bed with frame. ” More nose picking. “Don’t you think they could lessen the baggage?”

My word! Why had I not thought about that all along! This could be just what my family needs to make the picnic memorable and less cumbersome.

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From the last four years I am using air bed

When I was young, we carried hold all in trains, and it was mandatory. We had a few air beds rolled into that with pillows. Back then, the trains did not have good quality cushions, if at all. But most, it was my mom who was scared of us getting bitten by bed bugs or infections from whatever it was the previous occupant had used. We always got the assignment of inflating those beds, for which we used a pump of course. The real fun was watching all that air being slowly released from the bed before it was packed in again in that small holdall.


My mom also used the three air beds she had to accommodate guests, and they always complained of backache on the following day. As children we never understood, and my mother could only be apologetic about the inconvenience.

When I married, one of those air beds was given to me, which my husband promptly rolled into a neat bundle and pushed up in the attic. The air beds he bought looked neater and could be stacked up if needed to offer seating arrangement in day time. So I never complained. These air beds were slightly wider than what my mother gave me. These could also be stored neatly in the cupboard. About four years ago, one of the two air beds breathed its last, and so began our hunt for best air bed. We were surprised that air beds these days are not confined to picnics or travel. Instead, they can be used everyday. I asked my husband if they can also find me air bed that will be cooler to touch in summers, and warmer in winters. My husband laughed and said they have already built in the air pump. It is only matter of another 25 odd years for a heating element and cooling element to be included. We decided we will use these beds everyday provided we could find them to be more comfortable than our foam beds, which make it difficult for me to clean under them.

So we began our search for the best air bed for everyday use. We were not sure in the beginning what we were looking for. Looks matter but I am old now, and I prefer a bed that is easier to sit and climb. We also wanted a much wider bed though we were not sure whether the king size would look alright in our bedroom. The air beds these days come with frame so they look neater as well. Durability and comfort matters too. The salesperson was kind enough to patiently tell us what we should be looking for, though she mentioned it all indirectly. For example air beds being light are likely to slip on the floor, even if there is a frame work. Now, why didn’t I think of that! Or that the surface has to be comfortable. I would have used a thinner mattress as the surface of air bed is usually difficult for spreading bed sheets, and it is all slippery. But the one we found has flocked top to prevent such slipperiness. I was told it is waterproof. Now why would I need that feature on bed, I thought. But I took whatever they gave with both hands.

Finally, we bought a 78 inches by 58 inches bed, which is about 19 inches in height. I wish it was slightly higher, but it was the best air bed for everyday use that was around when we bought it. Visit wikipedia for more details.